Date: December 30th 2009

After enduring a missed SW monsoon, ponds and hearts are full again. There is a sense of direction that is strong. This was consequent of many moves made during the year. Much meditation went on on how the project may be drought-proofed. Rediscovery of swales as a primary rain water harvesting technique has been central to the new confidence. There is now a mini-excavator at the project- maybe a big-ticket purchase but emboldened by what swales can achieve. Read the detailed story at this link:

I have also been busy the last few months redesigning the website and adding more features. This will enable more frequent publication of reports of a shorter length. I hope also to collect here, various informational resources that I have gathered over the years. The new landing page is at:

Finally, if you are looking for even more frequent updates, I am happy to announce pointReturn has been on Twitter for a few months now. You can follow it at

Have a great 2010 and pray that environment takes centre stage in everyone's mind

--- dv

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