Date: November 15th 2010

We have enjoyed a good well-dispersed rainfall through the summer and continuing till now.

One of the enthusiastic followers of our work sent a long questionnaire for us to answer. He wanted to understand what it was that brought us together and drives us on. I have with reader Survesan's permission reproduced that eMail interview. It may help prospective back-to-landers and those who are simply curious about the pR adventure:

Siddarth has come on board as a full-time volunteer which has speeded up a lot of our work. We seldom use hired labourers, doing almost all the physical work ourselves. For one, there aren't too many labourers easy to hire. For another, it is one of the objectives of the project that we must revive an esteem for physical work, so lacking in educated Indians. Siddarth is therefore a very valuable addition. Read about him here:

Our agricultural and horticultural activities are still tentative, modest and experimental. That is to be expected because they take place on what had been a bald wasteland till 2007 and still some years away from being called fertile. Sriram's blog is a lot more regular with updates than mine. He also illustrates the stories with photos. There is much to learn from visiting it.

You can also follow our activities through my Twitters:

With good wishes to you all,

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