Date: November 26th 2008

A break for Permaculture

If ever the history of environmental activism is written, Bill Mollison will be listed as a man who took it beyond protests and agitation to the realm getting things done on the ground.

In late September Bill Mollison himself headed a faculty to teach Permaculture Design in Melbourne. It was too good an opportunity to miss. I have tried to convey a general idea of what happens in a Permaculture Design Course. The story can be read here


I have not quite picked the thread of work since returning from Australia. Fortunately, the bounteous monsoons prevent field work anyway, making for an easy conscience. Pervesrely, I am watching the unraveling of the world's economy with some satisfaction. This could be the break the enviroment needed. Petroleum prices have come down not because of new discoveries but because demand has abated. And we thought we couldn't do without all that driving around. I suppose it's not hard to say, "Yes, we can" and also do it.

Much love

dv [D V Sridharan]


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