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Aug 30, 2006
Goonj: A ready to wear label for the poor
Anshu Gupta's volunteers driven Goonj, collects, sorts and distributes clothes for the poor

Jun 30, 2006
A school for the poor that the rich may envy
For over a 100 years Olcott Memorial High School in Chennai has been giving free education to the poor.

Apr 27, 2006
Jaipur Foot : The real story
How this great invention was made to reach thousands is a less known story.

Mar 30, 2006
G G Parikh’s ‘something for Yusuf’, brings Meherally to life
Yusuf Meherally Centre aims to provoke commitment to India, even as it works for material development

Feb 22, 2006
Alka Zadgaonkar wrings plastic waste for profit
Alka's is the world's first continuous process for all manner of waste plastics

Jan 22, 2006
M P Vasimalai discovers his roots at IIM-A
After making a movement out of micro-finance, DHAN Foundation keeps on innovating

Dec 29, 2005
Learning to work the ropes
Encounters with the MGM Group in Muttukkadu village, Tamil Nadu

Sep 26, 2005
No stops anywhere, after Gandhi
At the Timbaktu Collective in Anantapur District, nature has been the teacher

Jun 05, 2005
The redoubtable babus of Mumbai
The Lanja Rajapur Sangameshwar Utkarsha Mandal is run by government clerks to serve poor rural children

May 09, 2005
Parivartan agitates for the Right to Information
Arvind Kejriwal's team at Parivartan has used available laws to improve street level governance

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