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  1. News from pointReturn Message
    Sent August 7th 2013

    News from pointReturn Message Over 500 well-wishers have been following the pointReturn adventure through this mailing list since 2006. I owe you all an apology for the long silence and the dearth of updates. With the latest -rather long!- post I have tr...

  2. Viewing Anna Hazare from poinReturn
    Sent August 29th 2011

    Viewing Anna Hazare from poinReturn The pointReturn project doesn't experience any bribe-seeking. So why do I find Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption so timely? It is because collusive-corruption in policy making is the real cause of transactional...

  3. News from pointReturn A critical look at the pongamia tree
    Sent July 2nd 2011

    News from pointReturn A critical look at the pongamia tree Yes, I am an ardent fan of the Pongamia tree. And, no, I don't believe it can be grown widely enough for us to painlessly shift from a petrofuelSystem to a biofuelSystem. But the hardy tree can ...

  4. News from pointReturn: If the road is wrong, the mission fails
    Sent May 9th 2011

    News from pointReturn: If the road is wrong, the mission fails Can India's current economic model work, divorced as it is from concerns of natural resources and the environment? In its place, can an environment-centred development model work? My heart sa...

  5. News from pointReturn: A review of 2010 and an agenda for 2011
    Sent January 17th 2011

    pointReturn has entered its fifth year. It picked up much speed in 2010. That year will remain a watershed for the many reasons detailed in the latest article. The article also lists our plans and hopes for 2011. Without further ado I lead you to it: http...

  6. News from pointReturn Update, Nov 2010
    Sent November 15th 2010

    News from pointReturn Update, Nov 2010 We have enjoyed a good well-dispersed rainfall through the summer and continuing till now. One of the enthusiastic followers of our work sent a long questionnaire for us to answer. He wanted to understand what it w...

  7. Beginning to grow
    Sent July 27th 2010

    Beginning to grow What is the alternative to a world of rising prices, decreasing peace, challenging odds and moods of despair. Can the stampede for GDP that tramples on the environment, really bring peace and prosperity? If the West is questioning that ...

  8. pointReturn at year end
    Sent December 30th 2009

    pointReturn at year end After enduring a missed SW monsoon, ponds and hearts are full again. There is a sense of direction that is strong. This was consequent of many moves made during the year. Much meditation went on on how the project may be drought-p...

  9. The new Pavilion at pointReturn
    Sent September 5th 2009

    The new Pavilion at pointReturn A 2,500 sqFt integrated activity centre has come up at pointReturn. I call it the Pavilion. The idea is to attract and host a small group of volunteers to live and work on the project. It is built entirely with materials t...

  10. Little happening: A lot happening
    Sent June 14th 2009

    Little happening: A lot happening A lot of work is often involved even in times of inactivity. The story of activities at pointReturn is replete with words like delays, waiting, following-up, disappointments etc. The process can be frustrating but worth ...

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