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Return to nature,
to your roots,
to your centre.

to harvest
and contentment

to serve
in thanks
for the gifts
received in life

Do return

The point
is to return


Combined readership of goodNewsIndia and pointReturn since Jun,2000

3,000,000 :   Jun,07 
2,000,000 :   Jul,05 
1,000,000 : Dec,03 
0,000,000 :  Jun,00 

ploughing for peanuts

The Grand Spirits of India

Is it not a folly that India forsakes a development based on its heritage of respect for the environment and adopts one that cares fo only GDp  Read

What moves pointReturn

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pointReturn now has another volunteer in P Siddarth

India’s Mark II Pump

The Mark 2 hand pump must rank – along with the ubiquitous Autorickshaw- as one of the great pieces of design to have originated in India.

Inside pointReturn

A long over-due update on activities at pointReturn

The Humanure Handbook

“Agricultural land must produce a greater output over time,” says  Read

Raised bed vegetable growing

Emilia Hazelip showcased Fukuoka’s  Read

Ecosan toilets

Experience with a composting, waterless, urine diverting  Read

Evolution of sanitation at pointReturn

A good summary of the developments at pointReturn has been made by Sriram.  Read