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pointReturn aims to be a campus self-sufficient in water, energy, food and cash, created on land that was abandoned as useless.
Objectives of the project are many. These follow in random order:
♦Demonstrate techniques to reclaim wasteland
♦Demonstrate conservation and optimal use of natural resources, ecological sensitivity and sustainable consumption for living well
♦Become a profit centre
♦Inspire people to return to land
♦Revive sound practices of rural India, that have been over-run by ‘progress’
♦Document the pointReturn experience so that it serves as a guide for prospective back-to-landers
♦Serve as a retreat for people to recharge and re-inspire themselves
♦Serve as a learning centre for children and adults
♦Be a well-equipped facility for hands-on experimenters to develop their practical ideas in architecture and building, energy, useful devices, teaching and learning, solutions for vexatious municipal problems and marketable products derived from nature’s surpluses
♦Conceive, develop and perfect micro-businesses that differently-educated young people can take away and run
♦Demonstrate how when one plans for local geographies, alternatives to petro-fuels, food retail chains and distributed water supplies are possible