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pointReturn now has another volunteer in P Siddarth

Inside pointReturn

A long over-due update on activities at pointReturn

Ecosan toilets

Experience with a composting, waterless, urine diverting  Read

Visitors from Sadhana Forest

It was an honour and a pleasure to welcome Aviram and Yorit of Sadhana Forest, Auroville along with 27 students of a Permaculture Design  Read

Water woes, Oct. 09

Some months ago, I Twittered “july, 09 is hottest in 40 years. rainfall is 10% of the average; just 20mm. pointReturn is reeling under the drought”. That was about the SW monsoon. Now the NE monsoon appears to be poor as  Read

The gentle bikie Ringo, aka Paul Kean

This itinerant permaculturist arrived from nowhere and has since contributed  Read


On Sep 27, 2009 the new pavilion was consecrated. A homam was performed by the local priest between 4.30 and 5.30am.  Read