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Visitors from Sadhana Forest

I have long admired Aviram and Yorit Rozin. In just six years, their dream project of reforesting 70 acres has stoked the imagination of people from all over the world. Purely volunteer driven, the project has so far planted over 20,000 trees and created 7 kM long rain water harvesting trenches, resulting in the water table rising 6 metres.

Recently they had a month long Permaculture Design Course conducted by John Button [Right extreme, in the green shirt, in the picture]. pointReturn’s new friend Ringo thoughtfully suggested that the class have a day long outing to pointReturn to see a Permaculture design under implementation.sadhana forest visitors.jpg

On Nov 19, 2009 a group of 30 people arrived in a bus. Ringo who has dug a text book swale, was there too. John took the class around and explained the rationale behind each feature at pointReturn. Students planted the swale with some trees. I got Aviram to plant the first.

Then they sat in the pavilion to hear Aviram expand on his dreams and plans.[Picture].Loyal freinds of pointReturn, Sumathy, Usha, Ananth, Hari and a newcomer, Anand had driven over to cook a one pot vegan meal for the visitors. This was served on banana leaves and much enjoyed.

For me personally, the highlight was to hear Aviram say, “DV, I seldom leave Sadhana and nearly didn’t want to come today. But an instinct urged me and I am so glad I am here. This place has good spirit and I am glad to be here”

Sadhana Forest

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  • Ridhi

    :) Sigh! A truly circular and wonderful world we live in. I am so excited to know of the NUMBER of connections that I am discovering this year. :) I am loving this.





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